This page provides specific information about Cartrack integration into the Astara Connect system through our API services. This process can also be done via the Platform by following the steps for registering a tracker.


Cartrack connects the tracker to the vehicle via Canbus.

Previously, all vehicles needed to be registered in a Cartrack account to connect the trackers to Astara Connect.

Register Cartrack credentials

To enable communication between systems, you need to register your Cartrack credentials into Astara Connect:

POST /credentials/register

This is an example of the body of the request.

	  "foreign_tracker_id": "6666KKK",// License_plate or VIN
        "vin": "WF0AXXWPMAJBXXXXX",
        "license_plate": "6666KKK",
        "make": "Hyundai",
        "model": "Ionic"

The required information is:

  • tracker_id: A unique identifier of the vehicle. For the Cartrack trackers, the tracker_id could be the VIN or the vehicle's license plate.
  • provider: data provider of the vehicle: cartrack
  • type: indicates the type of connection at the vehicle. In most cases, there will be an OBD connection: canbus

The endpoint needs a URL and token to authenticate your fleet with Cartrack. Once you have registered the credentials, you can start registering trackers. The Cartrack ID for the vehicle can be a license plate or VIN of the vehicle; the same value needs to be used for the tracker_id into Astara Connect. Finally, you need to validate them by calling this endpoint:

POST /trackers/validate

The validate endpoint could be requested when the endpoint status is pending.

The request body must include the same required information as in the register endpoint:


Then, upon receiving the first location data from the tracker, the validation status will be updated to connected.

Connectivity states

These are the possible states of a Cartrack tracker connection into Astara Connect:

  • pending: default state once the register endpoint is completed.
  • wrong_tracker_id: wrong tracker_id. Check the vehicle ID at the Cartrack Platform
  • error_credentials: the provided credentials cannot connect to the Cartrack API.
  • pending_for_data: waiting for the first coordinates from the provider. Check the device connection or contact the data provider if the vehicle is in motion and the status has not changed.
  • error_data: No data is received, or telemetry data is incorrect
  • connected: a final state to indicate that we are ingesting data from the data provider into Astara Connect.

⚠️ Cartrack does not guarantee access to the odometer or ignition features, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

For any questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected]