BMW - Mini

This page provides specific information about the supported BMW and MINI vehicles in the Astara Connect system.

⚠️ The availability of the products depends on the vehicle's capabilities and should be checked individually.


Astara Connect provides a secure platform for BMW and MINI vehicles and requires the owner's consent to transfer any data to it.

The BMW or MINI customer must fulfill the following requirements to enable retrieval of telematics data from his vehicle:

  • A valid and active BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected account.
  • A vehicle mapped to the customer's BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected account using the VIN.
  • The customer must have approved the data access clearance request.

Notes on the BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected account: every BMW or MINI customer can register via the national website and create a Connected account. The customer can then assign his BMW or MINI vehicles to his account: --

Validation process

For the BMW-MINI vehicles to be validated, the data access clearance request must be accepted in the BMW ConnectedDrive or MINI Connected customer portal.

The customer can view your data access clearance details and accept or reject the request.

Connectivity states

  • pending: default state once the register endpoint is completed.
  • wrong_tracker_id: wrong VIN ID. Check the VIN and modify it if needed.
  • pending_validation: waiting for a clearance response sent to the BMW ConnectedDrive portal.
  • pending_for_data: waiting for the first coordinates from the provider.
  • error_data: no data is received, or telemetry data is incorrect. It may be due to a problem with the vehicle's emitting device, so please contact the data provider.
  • error_capability: the required capability has not been activated in the vehicle resulting in an error.
  • error_revoke: once the vehicle is connected, the owner revokes the data access from the BMW ConnectedDrive portal.
  • error_rejected: Access was rejected from the clearance request.
  • error_time_out: clearance overdue. The vehicle has been deactivated from the data provider system, so resending the data for validation is necessary.

Once we have obtained any positioning data of the tracker, the whole connection process will be completed (final status reached: connected).

You can learn more about the Connectivity states