This page offers detailed information on integrating Stellantis into the astara Connect system using our API services.

In the near future, this integration process will become even more streamlined through our Platform, allowing you to easily register a tracker following a few simple steps.


astara Connect provides a direct connectivity solution for Stellantis fleet vehicles, enabling the retrieval of dynamic vehicle data. To connect your trackers to astara Connect, previously, all vehicles needed to be registered in the Stellantis account under astara.

Registering Silence credentials

For registering your Stellantis vehicle, it's essential to note that the Stellantis ID for the vehicle corresponds to the vehicle’s VIN. This same value should be used as the tracker_id in astara Connect. If a contract has not been created in the Stellantis account, we will create one, associating it with the highest available data package for the vehicle.

By registering a Stellantis vehicle in astara Connect, you grant consent for all vehicle data retrieved to be dispatched to our data stream.

Connectivity states

These are the possible states of a Stellantis tracker connection within astara Connect:

  • wrong_tracker_id: Incorrect tracker_id. Please verify the vehicle ID on the Stellantis Platform.
  • error_credentials: The provided credentials are not authorized to connect to the Stellantis API.
  • pending_for_data: Awaiting the first set of coordinates from the provider. If the vehicle is in motion and the status remains unchanged, check the device connection or contact the data provider.
  • error_data: No data has been received, or the telemetry data is incorrect.
  • connected: A final state indicating that we are ingesting data from the data provider into astara Connect.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]