Send commands to a tracker

On this page, we will guide you through the process of sending commands to your trackers.

⚠️ Currently, this feature is exclusively available for trackers registered using Targa.

To get started, you'll need to register a tracker.

Once registered and validated that is connected, you can send commands to it.

We offer commands for lock/unlock doors and block/unblock engine.

Sending these commands to the trackers is a straightforward and intuitive process.

Let's explore some examples:

Lock tracker's doors:

Send a POST request with the command to execute like this:

POST /commands/tracker/<tracker_oid>/send_command?command_name=DOOR_LOCKED

The request answer is status_code:204 if the command was sent successfully.

Once the command was sent, you need to ask the command_status endpoint for the command that you need information of, to know if the tracker executed the command, like this:

GET /commands/tracker/<tracker_oid>/send_command?command_name=DOOR_LOCKED

If the command was executed by the tracker you will have a status_code:200 and body:

"msg": "Command Executed",
"data": {
"command_status": true,
"datetime": "2023-10-27T09:08:57.000000+00:00"

If the tracker did not execute the command you will have a status_code:204

  • Unlock tracker's doors: POST /commands/tracker/421dea32-6759-11ee-8c99-0242ac120002/send_command?command_name=DOOR_UNLOCKED
  • Lock tracker's engine: POST /commands/tracker/421dea32-6759-11ee-8c99-0242ac120002/send_command?command_name=ENGINE_BLOCK_ON
  • Unlock tracker's engine: POST /commands/tracker/421dea32-6759-11ee-8c99-0242ac120002/send_command?command_name=ENGINE_BLOCK_OFF

The response of the endpoint is OK if the command was send correctly.

To know if the tracker executed the command you have to ask the command_status endpoint for the status of the command like this:

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]