Sun Dazzle (Coming Soon)

Predict the sun dazzle occurrence

Sun dazzle or glare occurs when bright sunlight hits your line of vision. (How Dangerous is Sun Dazzle?).

Dazzling is the most painful and harmful impact of sunlight that occurs when an intense sunray shines directly into the centre of the eyes, while the eyes try to recognize an object in the same alignment as the sunray (Santos et al. 2019).

Sun dazzle increases as a cause of accidents early in the morning, between 6am and noon when the sun is low.

It’s also more dangerous in winter months, as the sun is lower and more likely to shine in your line of vision.

The driver should maintain awareness and vigilance, given their susceptibility to sun glare across different seasons and weather conditions.

We are developing a precise system to provide advance warnings to drivers about road sections where they may experience sun dazzle.