Validates a previously registered tracker.

This endpoint validates a previously registered tracker within the data provider's system.
It will trigger an ownership verification which is necessary to retrieve data from the tracker.
The system won't import any data if the tracker is not successfully validated.

In the moment a new tracker is successfully registered in our system, its validation status is pending.

Note: If the validation status is wrong_tracker_id, the tracker_id was rejected by the provider during the registration procedure.
In this case, first use the v1/trackers/{oid}/update endpoint to correct the ID and then proceed with the validation.

Once it is pending, this endpoint will launch the tracker validation. The following information is required in the request body:

  • tracker_id
  • provider

For trackers using direct OEM connection with Mercedes-Benz, the request body must additionally contain the current odometer read-out from the vehicle:

  • odo_value

A successful call will change the validation status from pending to pending_validation, and trigger the external validation procedure.
This is an asynchronous process and its duration will vary depending on the specific case. We will update this documentation in the future and include provider-specific instructions.

If the external validation was successful, the validation status will switch to pending_for_data. Then, upon receiving the first location data from the tracker, the validation status will
be updated to connected. This last step is automatically done as soon as the vehicle is driven in an area with GPS signal.

In case that the validation procedure fails and results in an validation state which indicates an error, it can be executed again in order to restart the procedure.
The validation status can be checked via v1/trackers/{oid}/.

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