A POI could be any of the following GeoJSON objects:

  • Point.
  • Polygon.
  • Multipolygon.

Using POIs

Astara Connect allows you to send GeoJSON objects to the platform, so you can query them using an API to filter them by tags and/or distance to them.

Discovering public POIs

Astara Connect offers a set of public POIs that you can explore and subscribe to. For example, all the provinces from the Spain country are available for you to subscribe. This will allow you to subscribe, for example, to the Madrid POIs and create a notification rule that will notify you when a tracker leaves it.

Check the open API section for more details.

Private POIs

By default, when you upload new POIS to Astara Connect, they are private. If you want, you can make them public so all the users from Astara Connect can subscribe to them.

Check the open API section for more details.

Tagging and saving meta information within POIs

Astara Connect allows you to tag POIs, so you can filter them by tag and add extra information as a JSON object.

The meta-information is critical, as it can be used to store information like fuel prices. This enables you to create dynamic POIs that show real-time information regarding a third-party solution like fuel stations or free parking slots so others can query that information and use it to direct people to those POIs.