Updates tracker attributes.

This endpoint allows you to update the object_id, the tracker_id, the vehicle_type and the type of the specified tracker.
At least one of these attributes has to be specified in the request body.

  • object_id: attribute which contains the vehicle's make and model associated with the tracker.

  • tracker_id: attribute used to identify the tracker. This is a critical parameter because it links the tracker to its data provider.

    If the tracker_id was not specified correctly during the registration procedure, the validation status of the tracker will be wrong_tracker_id. To rectify this issue,
    use this endpoint to provide a new tracker_id. This will restart the verification process within the data provider system. If the new verification is successful,
    the validation status will be moved to pending. Once the validation_status is pending, one can proceed with the clearance procedure using the /trackers/validate endpoint.

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