Update company's data.

This endpoint can be used to update some fields about a company. In particular, the following fields can be changed:

  • name: The name of the company.
  • CIF: Company legal identifier for taxes (Spain only).
  • country: Country of the company.
  • city: City of the company.
  • postal_code: Company's zip code.
  • fiscal_address: Legal address of the company.
  • email: Main email address.
  • invoicing_email: The email where invoices will be addressed to.
  • webhook: Registered webhook where notifications will POST to.
  • VAT: Company legal identifier for taxes (EU and other countries).
  • beneficiary_oid: Unique identifier of the company's beneficiary.
  • language: Preferred language for notification and transaction emails.

In addition, when using the query parameter cancel-delete, the endpoint will also undo a previous request of canceling the company's subscription when the current billing period ends.

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