Returns the avg, max and min kms for a given tracker or all trackers in a group, company or tracker

This endpoint allows you to get an idea about how many kms a given tracker or all the trackers from a company (or specific group within the company) have traveled.

You can use the group_oid, company_oid or tracker_oid filters to specify the filtering level. If you only pass the company_oid you will get all the trackers' data within that company. If you want to refine a bit more the query, you can pass an group_oid that will return all the data related only to the trackers within that company and that group. You can also request the data for only one tracker by passing the tracker_oid.

If you do not specify any company_oid or group_oid, the system will try to use your default company_oid as a way of filtering the data. Your default company is usually the company that you have created or that someone invited you to.

You can also filter by only one tracker, passing the tracker_oid parameter.

Finally, you can specify a date range using the following two parameters:

  • start_date: the start date written in the following format YYYY-MM-DD
  • end_date: the end date written in the following format YYYY-MM-DD

If you do not pass the start_date, the system will analyze all data since the first trip for the given tracker, group or company. In this way, you can know the average, minimum and maximum values since the first day of using the system.
If you do not specify an end date, the system will use the current date when the API call has been called.

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