Returns a list of trackers that belong to your company.

This endpoint returns a list of the trackers belonging to your company. It requires the company_oid as your identifier.
By default, the output will include all your trackers and order them by start_date in ascending order.
The output can be further tailored with the help of the following filter and sorting options:

  • Validation status. Limits the output to trackers with the selected validation status.
  • Active. Limits the output to trackers which are still active.
  • Tracker ID. Limits the output to one specific tracker.
  • Order by. Orders the output according to the selected parameter.
  • Ascending/Descending. Specifies if the ordering is ascending (from small to large values) or descending (vice versa).
    If none or both are set to "True", the output will be ordered by start_date in ascending order.
  • All. Returns the entire output at once without pagination.
  • next and previous. These parameters provide the pagination functionality for browsing the returned list.
    Upon calling this endpoint for the first time, it returns the first 10 trackers.
    If there are more trackers, the returned file will include the parameter next and/or previous.
    By passing one of these parameters into a second call of the same endpoint, the next/previous 10 trackers will be returned, together with a new next/previous.
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