Retrieves trackers information with properties based on specified parameters.

This endpoint returns a number of parameters associated with a given tracker identifier tracker_oid or tracker_id,
a list of trackers for a given company identifier company_oid,
a list of trackers for a given company identifier and group identifier company_oid and group_oid,
a list of trackers for a given company identifier and group name company_oid and group_name,
a list of trackers for a given group identifier group_oid or a list of trackers for a given group name group_name.
If group_name = all, then returns a list of trackers grouped by company and groups.

The following parameters will be returned:

  • oid - The tracker's unique internal identifier.
  • tracker_id - The tracker_id is the tracker's unique identifier e.g. VIN, IMEI, license plate number...
    The format of this value depends of the provider of your tracker:
    • Option 1: for the HTML5 and GPX importers the tracker IDs can be customized. It is up to the owner to specify an identifier.
    • Option 2: for the regular data providers this is defined by each provider, as specified in the following list:
      • Mercedes-Benz: VIN
      • Cartrack: VIN
      • BMW: VIN
      • Targa: VIN
      • Astrata: IMEI
  • object_id - The object_id is a dictionary that contains information about the identity of the tracked object, such as the VIN, make, model, license plate number.
  • provider - The provider of the tracker, e.g. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Astrata...
  • type - The tracker type, e.g. OEM, OBD, ...
  • vehicle_type - The vehicle type, e.g. car, van, motorcycle...
  • start_date - The date when the tracker was registered on the platform.
  • end_date - The date when the tracker was deregistered on the platform.
  • moving - Boolean parameter that specifies if the tracker is currently in movement.
  • billed_date - The date when the tracker is billed.
  • heartbeat - Timestamp of the trackers' latest data.
  • validation_status - Tracker's current status within the validation chain. For example: pending, pending validation, error_access, connected.
  • external_validation_data - An optional parameter which contains validation information from third-party data providers.
  • foreign_tracker_id - The identity of the tracker on a third-party data provider platform.
  • company_oid - The unique identifier of the company to which the tracker belongs.
  • motorization - An optional parameter which specifies the motorization of the vehicle in which the tracker is installed. Options include gasoline, diesel, electric, hydrogen, PHEV and others.
  • position - The coordinates in WGS84-format of the last position received from the tracker.
  • properties - The tracker properties with their value and value information (unit, values, description).
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