Registers a tracker.

This endpoint allows you to register a tracker in a given company. The following information is required for the procedure:

  • company_oid: The universally unique identifier associated with your company. This company will hold the tracker and will pay the cost of maintaining the connection.
  • tracker_id: A unique identifier of the tracker. It can be a VIN, an IMEI, a license plate or the unique identifier that the data provider will use.
  • provider: The name of the data provider of your tracker.
    Current options are: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Astrata, Cartrack, HTML5, Targa, Silence, Stellantis.
  • type: The tracker's connection type.
    Current options are: oem, obd, CANbus.

Optionally, the following information can be included:

  • group_oid: This parameter associates the newly registered tracker to a group.
    Trackers can be allocated to groups in order to organize them in a custom way.

  • vehicle_type: The type of vehicle to which the tracker is assigned.
    This allows filtering by vehicle type within our API. Examples: car, van, truck, motorcycle.

  • packages: This parameter specifies the data packages that you want to be operating on your tracker.
    Currently, it only works for the data provider Mercedes-Benz and necessitates the specification of an object_id when applying packages. There are two possible values for this parameter:

    • packages=['mercedesbenzmileage']: position and odometer data.
    • packages=['mercedesbenzextended']: position, odometer, ignition, consumption, battery, tires, velocity and binaries (windows, lights, doors).
  • object_id: This parameter details supplementary information about the vehicle to which the tracker is assigned, encompassing the Make, Model, VIN, and License plate of the vehicle.

Registering a tracker within the provider's system may require that the corresponding provider credentials are linked to your company's account. Please refer to our Docs.

Register a tracker
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