Returns a list of trips for a given company or group.

This endpoint returns a list of all the trips which belong to the given company or group.
The call must include either the company_oid or the group_oid as your identifier.
Optionally, a call can include the following parameters:

  • start_date and end_date. These parameters specify the time period of interest, i.e. only trips that fall in between these dates will be listed. If the end_date is omitted, the list will include all the trips from the start_date until now.
    If both dates are omitted, the list will include only today's trips.
  • next and previous. These parameters provide the pagination functionality for browsing the returned list.
    Upon calling this endpoint for the first time without these parameters, it returns the first 10 elements of the list (ordered by date).
    If there are more than 10 elements, the returned file will include the parameter next and/or previous.
    By passing this next parameter into a second call of the same endpoint, the next 10 elements will be returned, together with a new next (in case there are remaining elements).
    In the same way, by passing the previous parameter, the previous 10 elements will be returned.
  • tracker_id. Adding this parameter to the call will restrict the response to the trips of this particular tracker.
    If omitted, the response will contain the trips of all trackers.
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