Get a specific POI.

This endpoint returns the complete information of a POI by its OID. The user must have read access to the requested POI.
The structure of a POI is the following:

  • oid: the unique identifier (OID) of the POI.
  • name: the human-friendly name given when creating the POI
  • public: a Boolean indicating whether the POI is marked as public. That means the POI will be accessible by other accounts as well in the /pois/public endpoint.
  • visible: a Boolean flag with no effect in the system. Usually to be used in front-ends.
  • company_oid: the unique identifier (OID) of the company_id associated with the POI.
  • info: JSON field containing metadata.
  • tags: list of tags for the POI.
  • geometry: GeoJSON object with the geometry shape of the POI.
  • created_at: timestamp of the POI creation.
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