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A company is the entity that holds everything that you possess related with the same payment method. It contains all the elements that you have access and all actions that you will be capable to perform depending on the plan that the company is linked with (see options: In short, it is a group of trackers and its extras under the same financial umbrella.


A tracker cannot belong to more than one company.

Adding members to a company

While you can add as many trackers as you want to a company, you can as well share that company with other Astara Connect users via invitations.

This allows you to share the same access to the trackers within a company without sharing your credentials. When adding a member, you can specify different roles for the member. For instance, you can invite a user with read only permissions, so they can only see insights but not modify anything within the trackers of that company.

Subscribing companies to POIs

You can subscribe a company to a poi. This will enable you to create geofences, points of interest and allow the trackers within the company to interact with them.

The main purpose of this feature is to create notification rules that will trigger a notification, when for example a tracker enters and/or leaves a geofence or is close to a given subscribed poi.